Family photo 1979

I found this picture at a relative’s house. You can literally say I lost all my personal photos in a fire. . .I wasn’t going near an ex after a divorce so I just let the stuff go and started a new life.

There is no proof I existed before 2007: the year I created my Facebook account. Although I wasn’t active until the end of 2010. I did have a Myspace account that was created a couple years earlier. I just logged into that old account as well as my associated Yahoo account. I’m surprised they are still active since I haven’t been on them in awhile.

I miss Yahoo. Or as I call it, the original social media.

Back to the photo. It was 1979 so you can probably guess which one I am. My mom and her kids are in it along with my dad.

I love to explain how I am the youngest of six kids and an only child. Few people get it. So I won’t explain it and just let you think about it for a minute. Maybe ask Google.

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