Finding freedom in the strangest places

The irony of finding freedom in the strangest places. The American Dream is apparently working 70+ hours per week just to pay for wood, hay, and stubble.

Some people feel it’s a patriotic duty to make your country look more prosperous. While they are entitled to their opinion, that’s not what I had in mind with dying for my country.

That’s almost taking patriotism and nationalism to the level of idolatry.

Freedom is addicting. I discovered the simple life in recent years. Basically by realizing I don’t need all that “stuff”. It’s not where my sense of identity comes from.

I may look lazy to others but that is also an expression of my freedom. Now to find the inner strength and courage to live it.

I also discovered that peer pressure doesn’t end in high school. If you think kids are mean, just wait till you get into the real world.

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