The age old question

It’s the question of the ages: If there is a God, then why is there evil in the world. If God doesn’t intervene, then is He still God?

Maybe the good Lord does intervene. He just does it through people. And very few at that. Jesus said the way to righteousness is narrow. Also the Bible says the elect of God are very few.

Even the Most High can do a lot with a little.

The issue of God’s elect brings up another question. Is everything predestined or do we act on our own freewill? At first glance it would seem as if things are predestined beyond our control. But this would make us slaves.

The other alternative is that we subconsciously choose our course in life. The more conscious we become, the more aware we are of controlling our destinies. God does direct our steps but it’s because He knows in advance what we are already planning to do; thus He is steering us in the direction where we will be happiest.

So if nothing is foreordained to happen then this means maybe God isn’t as sovereign as the church makes Him out to be? If God I’d sovereign then either everyone goes to heaven or no one goes, unless the Lord does have favorites.

If nothing is predestined, such as finding the right job or mate, then this must happen by chance?

Either there is no God or a weak, impotent one. Perhaps God is the evil one? Or He’s pure love but perceived as evil for allowing bad things to happen.

Maybe it’s not that God can’t intervene. Maybe He chooses to surrender His own authority to give men dominion over the earth. This would be an act of love.

Evil happens because God gives man free will. God either intervenes through people or brings something good out of it in the end.

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