The source of intelligence

How do you know if someone is intelligent? People think someone is smart just because they know a lot. In actuality, you can have a head full of useless knowledge and still be a failure at life. This is the difference between booksmarts and common sense.

Two types of intelligence

Perhaps the biggest reason for the decline in common sense is the education system that focus more on cramming knowledge into people’s heads. You can have so much knowledge crammed in that tiny space that you are unable to process it all and end up becoming useless in life.

Everyone has common sense. People use it differently, then they assume someone who doesn’t use it the same way must not have it.

Also no one really has time to think these days. If you take time to stop and think, you probably won’t be as productive; as far as society is concerned anyway.

Education v. Schooling

People will think I am against education. I am actually in favor of it. Education is the broadening of the mind and serves to make us better people.

Schooling is a game we play. Universities try to prepare students for life, yet all they accomplish is keeping them in school so long that they don’t get to experience life.

Centuries ago we got a basic education and then went to work on the farm or learned an apprenticeship. Teen pregnancy was the norm.

Now we spend so much time in school that most of us don’t fully mature until we are 30 or 40; in most cases too old to start a family. Maybe this is operation depopulation in action?

Really just one intelligence

There are two types of intelligence. Both are just different manifestations of the one intelligence. Cognitive intelligence is understanding material on paper while intuitive intelligence is understandable it in application.

We really aren’t that bright until we figure out how to apply the knowledge. If someone says all we have is booksmarts, that is just a nice way of saying we are idiots. Before you tell someone that, just do them a service and just call them stupid; since that is what you are really saying.

Some people are just slow. I’m actually in that category. This will still make you look retarded, stupid, or mentally disabled. This may be why so many people end up on disability; because they have so much crap crammed into their heads that they are now useless. Or they are just tired of the emotionally abusive workplace.

No matter how much time one spends in school, you will eventually be enrolled in the school of hard knocks. This is the only free education there really is. Common sense is just divine wisdom.

True intelligence is just reverence for the Divine. The quickest way to dumb a population down is to make them think they always need more education.

Lastly, a sure sign of intelligence is that a smart person will never feel smart enough to acknowledge how smart they are. Those that boast about their genius are usually overcompensating for their lack of intelligence. It’s funny how that works.

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