Let the good stress in

Stress can be the number one killer as well as the root cause of most every sickness. Of course who am I to say these things since I don’t have a license to talk about anything medical or psychological. I am just a self-educated blogger. Self-education doesn’t count for much in a scientific world. Even if you read all the right stuff and know just as much as any medical professional.

Most people don’t know that there are two kinds of stress; there is distress and there is eustress. Distress is the one that most of us are more familiar with. This is the state of suffering, agony, and state of being in trouble. The distressed state is normally temporary but won’t feel like it when it is being experienced.

You have to be at a higher state of awareness to understand eustress. This is defined as psychological stress that is moderate or normal and can be beneficial. Just like there can be healthy fears. The healthy kind of fear and stress is that which motivates us to do better and achieve more; as long as we are balanced about it and don’t get too caught up in our life’s work. The latter can turn to distress really quick.

Practicing mindfulness can help us to alleviate the distress and allow more of the eustress in and help keep us focused in our life’s pursuits.

What are we so afraid of?

You ever notice how people always talk about how they are getting old? Some people start doing this as young as 20. The healthiest people and those who live the longest lives all tell us that age is just a number and we are only as old as we feel. So why do we tell ourselves how we are getting old and falling apart?

For one reason, most people don’t understand the power of their own self-talk. The more we tell ourselves how old we feel, the more it will appear that we are falling apart. If we affirm that we are in good health and strive to take care of ourselves, we will actually start to look and feel better.

Part of the fall of man is the descent into the negative mindset. This is very hard to overcome. A growing number of people are aware that they are slaves to negative thinking but they feel powerless to change it. In order for positive affirmations to actually work, you have to actually believe what you are trying to tell yourself.

Maybe at its core, we do not fear getting old. It’s the fear of our inevitable death that haunts us, with each day bringing us closer to our fate.

When we come to the knowledge of God and understand that life is eternal and we will live forever somewhere, that fear of death instantly gets replaced with more positive energy; if we really believe it anyway. Remember the Bible also says that perfect love casts out fear. Faith is the opposite of fear. Since most sicknesses are the result of stress, anxiety and hidden fears, walking by faith is the proverbial cure all that will heal us. Sadly, don’t expect most doctors to tell you that you have the power to heal yourself of pretty much every disease.

Which tree are you climbing?

I saw a quote by a charismatic preacher in Colorado named Ted Garner where he said that humans are in one of two trees; the tree of knowledge of good and evil and tree of Life. The first tree is external where we try to live life from the outside in. For example, we try to keep God’s commandments legalistically, This can result in having a harder life, feeling like we are doing it out of own efforts, and can make us more judgmental towards others.

If we are in the tree of life, we are living life from the inside out. This is also called the life hidden with Christ in God. Everything feels more natural in this tree. We are more focused, and everything just falls into place. Jesus even said if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all else would be added.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is man’s attempt to eat of the forbidden fruit, which is questioning God and trying to be God. The man in this tree will probably value science over true religion, with the former leading to an actual worship of scientific knowledge.

Life will feel harder if we are in the tree of knowledge. Not that knowledge in and of itself is a bad thing, since it takes knowledge to do anything. This may sound like a prosperity gospel, but life wasn’t meant to be hard or a struggle.

Why is the tree of life so hard to get into if it promises so many blessings? Because humans over complicate things when all God asks us to do is trust Him. Every time we doubt God and trust in our own faculties we take a bite out of the forbidden fruit.

How to make the world a better place

Everyone has the desire to want to leave the world a better place than it was when they got here. We all dream big of how we can make a contribution to the world; that is at least until we hit our mid-twenties and reality hits us full in the face. The sad truth is there is no such thing as human progress. The 20th century has been marked as the biggest decade for human progress and coincidentally also has the most corruption than any other century known to man.

Every ounce of progress has led to more debt, taxes, and a higher cost of living. For all of our progress and achievements, we are basically doing the same thing that we have always done. Have you ever heard the adage about before and after enlightenment, we carry water and chop wood?

Liberalism at its core is about freedom of the individual. Progressivism takes liberalism to an extreme and takes us right back to what we tried to liberate ourselves from. Today’s conservatives are just trying to conserve their 19th century liberalism. Progressivism seems exciting, at first anyway, If there is no such thing as progress, then what is the whole point of living? Where does man find his significance?

The Westminster Catechism says the purpose of man is to know God and make Him known. Which God? The God of the Bible. The God of the ancient Hebrews. Or Yahweh, “I Am.”

The most doom and gloom verse in the Old Testament is the first verse in the book of Ecclesiastes, written by the wisest man in the Bible. Solomon, son of King David, says that everything is meaningless, or vanity, and a chasing after the wind. The last verse in the same book says the whole duty of man is to keep the commandments of God.

Of course man can’t do this until he puts his trust in the Divine and God changes his heart (Psalm 37:4). This is called being born again in the New Testament.

The Kingdom of God is already here. Most of us are just unaware of it because we are too distracted by materialism. Atheists always want proof of God’s existence but the biggest proof is that when people put God first and seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, the world becomes more peaceful and balanced.

All the problems, such as income inequality and climate change end up taking care of themselves. Although God ordains government, they are still antichrist and want to have all the power, so they will never tell us to do what God wants us to do. They may promote spirituality but they won’t promote true religion, which is connecting with life’s most important relationship.

Gotta Beatitude Problem?

I read something in a catechism or a Catholic article that said that anyone who had a “Beatitude attitude” was led by the Holy Spirit; whether they were aware of it or not.

Jesus said by their fruit you will know them. What is this fruit? Besides the fruit of the Spirit that Paul named in Galatians chapter 5.

The first Beatitude is blessed are the poor in spirit. This has nothing to do with being financially rich. A rich person can be poor in spirit if they know they are nothing and everything comes from God.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. This could refer to the empathy and highly sensitive people who are bothered by some of the shit that goes on down here.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. A meek person is a humble person that knows the source of everything comes from God. When we trust in God, we are not tossed to and fro by worldly troubles and have an assurance of life everlasting; this we overcome the world and inherit the earth.

Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness. This follows the poor in spirit. It involves knowing there is a better way to live than just accepting things as being human nature. And it knows the source and seeks after it diligently.

Blessed are those who are persecuted. When you pursue righteousness, you run counter to the world. You will likely encounter some subtle, or not so subtle, persecution. The grace of God will empower us to rise above it and keep pushing forward.

Blessed are the pure in heart. Jesus said love for God and love for neighbor fulfills the whole of the law of God.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Those that strive to live in peace while worldly types are always in conflict of some sort.

Blessed are the merciful. We are saved by the grace and mercy of God. When we show mercy and not judge others, we are being merciful. The bible promises we will experience mercy because mercy triumphs over judgement.

The late Evangelist, Billy Graham once told a story about how he witnessed to a Buddhist monk. The monk received Jesus and went on to say that he already knew Him, but he didn’t know him by name.

Anybody who exhibits this kind of Beatitude attitude is no doubt led by the spirit; directly or indirectly.