Ever seen a picture of the Vatican Audience Hall? It tells you more than you need to know about the world

The above photo is of the Vatican. You can find photos of the Vatican Audience Hall online. Pay more attention to the aerial view especially. You would have to be blind to not see the strange shape of a reptilian head.

Most preachers tell us the Antichrist hasn’t been revealed yet. It is rather obvious, especially since the Pope is called the Holy Father (as close to calling yourself God as you can get).

The Protestant Reformers knew the papacy was the Antichrist. This is why they left the “mother” church. It doesn’t mean there aren’t good Catholic church movements out there either.

Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible the man of lawlessness will sit on a throne and call himself God?

The best part is the very wotd “Vatican” literally means “divine serpent.”

Even the book of Revelations says something about the beast or dragon causing us to drink of the wine of her fornications.

What are your thoughts on this? I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts.

Legalism found in most churches and even many religious schools

I watched a very enlightening video by a Pastor named Steve McVey back in late 2010 which led to my awakening and departure from the Church. It was entitled “101 lies you hear in Church.” As I got further away from the established church, I begin to renounce my faith. That is until I discovered the ministry of Progressive Christianity. Not to be confused with progressives in politics. Being a progressive in religion isn’t nearly as stressful. In fact it is actually more mystical.

Progressive Christianity and Pastor Steve McVeigh with gracewalk.org is actually my ministries of the month.

I have to admit that one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is how rigid the rules were at most Christian colleges? I won’t go into detail but it seems more as if they are more into following the letter of the law.

In fact many schools are churches are so rigid and focused on dogma that I begin to wonder if Jesus Himself would even be accepted in there. Then I have to remember that the Book of John said even His own people didn’t recognize Him. The Apostle Paul even said something in one of his letters about following the vain traditions of men.

When you research the religion of the Christ verses the religion built around Him, you will start to see the big picture more.

The Right Way to go backwards

Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when you fell off your bike? You probably got back on it, despite the cuts and bruises. It’s what separates the men from the boys. It would probably be illegal by today’s standards to get back on after falling off.

The liberal agenda would want us to take our kids to the hospital. They might even tell them to apply for disability and that they wouldn’t be able to work for the rest of their life. Or that they have to take medicine forever.

As much as we try to believe in evolution and strive for progress, if you look close enough you realize that there is no such thing. We have basically been doing the same thing for centuries, only in different ways. Technology makes it easier, which often makes us lazier.

Maybe in a sense, we are not really progressing as much as we are regressing; aka progressively going back to where we started.

The irony of progressing right back where you started. Maybe we will go back to a time when people weren’t so sensitive and materialistic.

Party like it’s 1899.

Ever wonder what happened to the Mafia?

One question that I have to ask before I begin this blog post: When did all of the Mafia dons start becoming United States Presidents?

For the last 30 years, we have heard of the infamous “trickle-down economics” that was proposed by former President Ronald Regean. What exactly is this wealth that is supposedly trickling down?  Do we actually believe that the ruling class worked hard all of their lives and they were giving back to their community by creating jobs?

And all this time I thought I was slow.

For one the Elite own the banking system and live off the profits from the wealth that we create. Secondly the whole system could be laundering money from racketeering in Mafia activities by investing it in the stock market.

I did see an example of this in the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. Gus laundered his money into his chicken restaurant and Walter White later laundered his into a car wash he used to work at part-time. Now I even wonder if some of those small business I like to shop from are investing money from selling drugs or prostitutes.

But no one is going to question this as long as they are getting paid for their “honest work”. Hell, I don’t even question it. It’s not so much my responsibility what they did with the money. I am only responsible for what I do with the money that I earn from work.

It even says in the New Testament “to the pure all things are pure.” It is our motivation as to what we are working for and what we do with our money that purifies anything that we do. If our motivation is to love and serve humanity, then everything that we do is purified.

If Jesus were here today

I’m sure if the conservative Christians observed who I follow on social media they would probably need an Immodium.

Many of these Christiand probably wouldn’t even recognize Jesus if He were to come back today. Especially the one Protestant university that said no smoking or drinking one year before enrolling. So what? You gonna tell Jesus no turning water into wine for one year?

I filled out a profile on MyLife website with education and previous addresses. I stayed at a hostel in Fort Worth for a few months a few years ago. Needless to say there were some shady characters who had just been released from prison and we’re working on getting their life back on track.

I noticed that my association with these shady characters lowered my reputation score by half. Now I understand why white collar types and most churchgoers avoid many blue collar types.

I can’t help but wonder how Jesus reputation would have looked with the shady people of His day. No wonder the Pharisees were always trying to trap Him and accuse Him of sinning.