To fear or not to fear

Someone who was obviously bored actually counted how many times in the Bible there are scriptures that say “do not fear”. This seems contradictory to Proverbs 1:7 which states that the fear of the Lord leads to wisdom. Jump over to the New Testament and it says God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. But we are supposed to fear Him?

So which is it? Fear or no fear?

It depends on the context it was written in. You would have to know the original meaning of the word as well as audience relevance of the day.

One meaning of fear is to revere or honor. This is the good kind of fear. Reverence for the Divine is true worship, or acknowledging the Divine in all things

Bad fear is being afraid of everything. This just leads to anxiety and holds us back. It will also keep us from experiencing the kingdom since the bible says the cowardly will not inherit the kingdom. This bad fear is used to control people from little children by strict parents to churches who preach a doom and gloom gospel to scare people into “getting saved”.

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