Giving up on us

Science is looking for intelligent life on other planets. This could mean they have given up on us.

Intelligence can manifest as “booksmarts” or common sense. The latter is just intuitive intelligence and can be a sign of divine wisdom. The former by itself is just head knowledge and means we’re still idiots.

It’s interesting how we are more educated but still dumb as shit in a lot of ways.True intelligence comes from a reverence for the Divine and will result in intuitively understanding things without really studying it.

Man is the only species that has to pay to live here on earth. Yet despite our intelligence at making money, we have never been able to make a life to enjoy it.

If science did discover life on other planets, the government would send them aid, or bring them over here as immigrants. Also the central bankers would put a central bank on the other planets and try to set up a democracy and steal their resources.

Maybe that’s the goal of Space Force.

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