Why does everything have to be so “gay”?

I watched a video on YouTube recently that was put out by The School of Life. The video was entitled “how to be a man”. The video went on to describe a real man as being compassionate and in touch with his emotions.

Basically a real man was a warm man. I deduced from the video that a real man is apparently a homosexual. Or at least this is what society would depict them as. Apparently my own dad was gay according to this logic. Who knew?

Did you ever see the movie “in and out” which came out nearby 20 years ago? It was about an English professor with a fiancee of several years. All throughout the movie everybody kept assuming he was gay. Towards the end of the movie he cane out of the closet.

The lead character cane out at his own wedding on top of that. The question this movie begs to ask is : did the English professor in the movie “in and out” really cone to terms with his sexuality? Or was he a victim of society’s brainwashing because they tried to compartmentalize him according to a stereotype?

I suppose this is my cue to admit that I myself am gay. I am apparently an old soul so I mean in the traditional sense of the word, you perverts. The great Philosopher of the 1990’s, Kurt Cobain, was quoted as saying inone of his songs that “everyone is gay.”

According to Psychology articles, no one is 100% straight. So everyone must have a little gay inside of them. It would explain why men are so homophobic. Maybe the world would be a better place if everyone came out of the closet.

On a side note, I read that in 2020 the U.S. Census Bureau wasn’t going to count LGBT in the census. So if everyone suddenly came out, there would be no one left to pay taxes, right? Love wins, huh?

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