If Jesus were here today

I’m sure if the conservative Christians observed who I follow on social media they would probably need an Immodium.

Many of these Christiand probably wouldn’t even recognize Jesus if He were to come back today. Especially the one Protestant university that said no smoking or drinking one year before enrolling. So what? You gonna tell Jesus no turning water into wine for one year?

I filled out a profile on MyLife website with education and previous addresses. I stayed at a hostel in Fort Worth for a few months a few years ago. Needless to say there were some shady characters who had just been released from prison and we’re working on getting their life back on track.

I noticed that my association with these shady characters lowered my reputation score by half. Now I understand why white collar types and most churchgoers avoid many blue collar types.

I can’t help but wonder how Jesus reputation would have looked with the shady people of His day. No wonder the Pharisees were always trying to trap Him and accuse Him of sinning.

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