Lone Star Legend Flamed Out

Anybody who lives in or knows anybody in the Republic of Texas knows about the historic landmark at the Great State Fair known as Big Tex. Well, he passed away in an arson fire last month. He was 60.

Best known for towering over the City of Dallas just about the whole time Texas has had a State Fair, the Lone Star Legend suddenly went up in flames. Some say it was an electrical problem, still others say it was an apparent suicide (not kidding, read this in local papers). Guess the big guy couldn’t handle the stress of standing twenty feet above ground for several decades under all weather conditions.

C’mon, Tex, they have meds for that! Oh well, when it’s your time to go, just make sure you’re right with your Heavenly Father. Hopefully the Long Star Legend made it to that Great State Fair in the sky and we’ll once again here him with his trademark saying-“howdy, folks.”

Not to fear. They are working on a new and improved statue to replace the old guy. What are they going to call it? Little Tex? Big Tex Mini-Me? Western shirt, jeans, boots, and a diaper?

We’ll know next year.

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