Wholeness & Wellness: Who’s on first?

Saw an article somewhere on the PBS website after I searched for ways to beat depression without meds a few days ago. Too bad I can’t find the link. It was basically saying that it was the illness that causes the body to become imbalanced and not the imbalance that causes the illness.

So we humans really are backwards! Who’s on first? Remember the old line from the classic Abbott & Costello? Yea right. Only if you’re young and into old flicks or really old. 🙂

The basic principle behind homeopathic remedies is that the body can basically heal itself of all sicknesses. This is called the Mind-Body connection. Or for you spiritual types such as me, it’s called the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Remember the movie A Beautiful Mind? It was about famed Economist John Nash who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. There was a video of him on YouTube talking about how his brain chemistry balanced itself out over time. The time was about three decades. I don’t know how spiritual he was but I’ve read articles and content by people who are spiritual who have overcome illness of the mind & body much faster.

But that’s another article entirely. We have plenty of time. Live it up. Life is short in the long one. In closing, remember it all comes out in the end.