Limiting God’s Word

John 16:33. . . “In this world you will have trouble. Take courage for I have overcome the world.”

Wow! For some reason it stops there with many people who claim to be His followers. Sound familiar? When Satan tempted the Jesus

When in the desert he used His own Word against Him. The only difference is Satan twisted it by taking it out of context and using it to further his temporal kingdom.

Most people see the negative side of life. Thus they attract negativity and then wonder why their life is so hard.

When you know the full story you get a bigger picture and realize maybe things are not as bad as they seen. For example when you research Preterism you realize every prophecy concerning the second coming was a description of what took place when the second Jewish temple was destroyed.

When you come to this truth you realize everything you were waiting for in the physical kingdom has always existed in the spiritual.

In this world you will have trouble. Take courage in the one who has overcome the world. Life is neither hard not easy. It’s whatever we make of it.