Daily E’ism on Free Speech

This commentary, or rant, is on free speech. I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is better to live in a heartless society rather than an overly sensitive society where you have to walk on eggshells to keep from offending people. So much for politically correct culture and the liberal agenda.

Also it is good to note that the government cannot take away any rights as they do not have the power to give rights. Our human rights come from the Creator.

Although it is not necessarily the government taking them away as it is the easily offended liberal hippy freaks.Also most of the censorship in the country comes from privately held companies and not so much the government. Whether or not the government owns a majority of these corporations such as Facebook, Google, and the mainstream media remains a different matter entirely.

I might add that drifted to the Left briefly, but never got much past the center. I didn’t like the closed-mindedness of the far right.

After being a liberal for a brief time, I grew weary of hearing about all the free “shit” they wanted the government to provide. If that was not enough, it was the overly offended politically correct culture.

Now I hang around the center because I think both sides go too far to extremes. The far right seems to think money is the answer to everything. All the while, the far left seems to want the government to take a bigger role in our lives in providing security. Side note: the latter really doesn’t exist in this world. Even Benjamin Franklin said if you trade security for liberty, you will get neither.

We are free to be whoever we want to be.That is a gift of God. Just don’t hurt anyone else. However others are free to take away our freedom any way they can.

I have decided not to walk on eggshells.So if I end up in prison one day for a felony offense charge, it will be a worthy cause. Besides prison may not be so bad anymore. I think they may get access to the internet and even read books.

I read the reviews of a state prison and it sounded like a five star resort the way it described the free room and board. Just watch out for the prison sex though. I hear it’s kind of rough.