Daily E’ism on politics

The fastest growing occupation these days seems to be disability.

The leading cause of death is politics.

Politics is the only thing that is dirtier than porn.

I am in no way saying politics is light. By nature anything political is corrupt. Getting more involved in politics corrupts us. This is the mistake the church makes.

People that lose faith in God tend to become more dependent on systems of the world. Then they develop Stockholm syndrome; that is they hate it but don’t want to see it collapse.

All man made systems collapse. This is the so called end of the world. The world actually never ends.

The fact that mankind has a tendency towards evil proves there must be some kind of intelligent design that keeps the world together while we destroy it.

The Bible says an estimated 365 times not to live in fear.

Most people live in fear. They seek out security to the extent they are willing to give up certain individual liberties. Benjamin Franklin warned against this when he said if you exchange liberty for security you end up with neither.

The basic nature of the world is insecurity is. Those in the tree of knowledge are seeking security within themselves. Those in the tree of life trust in and live life from God.

Who are you trusting in?

If you trust in anything man made to bring you security, you are living in poverty.