The Kingdom is here

It never ceases to amaze me how when the world gets so screwed up, all you hear is how Jesus will come back and fix it. And this comes from the same people who believe in personal responsibility nonetheless.

The right wing believes God will fix everything. The liberal agenda just wants the government to do everything. And they wonder why I won’t pick sides.

If Jesus did come back physically, His own people wouldn’t recognize Him. It was the Jewish people the first time. This time it would be the church.

Either way if Jesus came back a second time, it would be the same result. He has already shown us the way.

The perfect utopia we all long for only exists in the heavens. Only those who rest in divine providence will enter in. It will never fully manifest down here because human nature is too depraved.Jesus isn’t coming back because He lives vicariously through those that follow Him (no matter which outward religion they follow). If we can’t be the light to the world that we are called to be, then maybe we do deserve hell (in a metaphorical sense).

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