Virgin mobile or mobile virgin

There are a lot of virgins putting out these days. Oops, I mean being put out by Virgin Mobile. I won’t pick on this company too much. Their CEO, Richard Branson, is actually a cool looking hippie. Maybe he will hire me as a social media manager someday. As soon as I get better at pretending to know what I am actually doing.

A little story about my intercourse with Virgin Mobile, um, I mean my experience; I went through a divorce and heard about phones through Lifeline since I didn’t have a job at the time. Rather than wait two weeks to be approved for a free phone, I traded my first smartphone in and ended up with a the same phone at Radio Shack, during their death throes. I remember that little flip phone with its 1500 minutes and text messages.

I used to like the flip phone better, but now with GPS and all the TV apps, I have to have a smartphone. They don’t cost that much more than the flip phones if you want a cheap one with limited space.

People seem shocked that someone would pay $1000 for an Iphone, but most people finance, I’m sure. Something like $20-30 a month for two years; basically pay at cost over that period of time while Apple makes their money off the plan. People with lots of money will pay $600-1000 for one of these phones just for the status symbol.

Me personally, I can get a top of the line LG phone for $200 or less after it’s been awhile. I like the free music app that it comes with.

I find it ironic how I found Virgin Mobile after a divorce. I was like a virgin reborn. Or perhaps a mobile virgin?