Duplex for rent in the inner city

Out walking around when I passed am old duplex I used to “rent”.

You know they say you can’t be a good writer without having some unique experiences.

In the right environment you can live without money. Althoughthey call that homelessness.

There are enough resources in many cities that homelessness shouldn’t be an issue. That means to some degree it is a choice. Most homeless people are either out of touch with reality or too addicted to drugs and alcohol to want to change.

Some choose to be homeless to escape the pressures of society. I was reading about a man who made $77,000 a year and lost everything. Now he lives on the street and says he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If I was going to choose homelessness, I’d find an intentional community to live in and go off the grid. For now I’m content with the do more with less mentality.

You can only be free when you realize you don’t have to do anything.