The blessings of not giving a shit

Feelings are overrated. Especially when you allow them to control you.

I always hated the side effects of psychiatric drugs. They either give an artificial happiness or numb your emotions so you can’t feel anything.

There is a reason tbey call them shrink meds. They work by shrinking your brain, thus limiting our potential.

Mental illness is a disease for geniuses who haven’t learned how to harness their own mental power. While medicine may be beneficial in the short term, it can be toxic in the long term.

That and people today have a tendency to become dependent on the drugs and not take the steps to overcome the disorder.Why take medicine to numb myself when I can numb myself? Actually that is more or less the philosophy of stoicism. Since I have faith in a “God” bigger than Christianity. I don’t feel trapped by one religion. I find most religions are actually interesting and have good values. It’s always extremism and fundamentalism that corrrupts e everything.