Make ‘Murica great again part 2

Do you remember the Trump-Pence logo? (I almost said Trump-Putin). It showed a T being inserted into a P.

Make America great again?

Is Mike Pence The Donald’s Vice President or his first lady.

They would never bake these two a cake, even in Pence’s home state of Indiana.

Getting harder and harder to find the lesser of evils anymore.

Trump was talking about the size of his hands in the debates in 2016. By 2020 they will probably whip it out and compare it on live TV.

I always saw Donald Trump as an entertainer. I think he was trying to be funny when he announced he was running for President and the right wing took him too seriously.

Getting harder to find the lesser of evils anymore.

But at least it’s getting more entertaining.

I still wish the entertainment capital of the world would go back to Hollywood.

Isn’t it amazing every time ti write on something political, it turns to satire.