The letter of the day is Q

By now most people have heard of QAnon. I found out about this group of patriots and Trump supporters from a coworker a few months ago. They have been making posts since October 2017.

Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence I met that coworker. I thought I was don’t going down the rabbit hole till I read many of their posts (which you won’t hear about on mainstream media.

Where did they get their name? The feature photo in this blog post is an aerial view of the JFK Memorial. The driveway is shaped like a Q. There are many references to JFK Jr. In their Qdrops.

There is especially a rumor that the son of the late President staged his own death and is leading Q behind the scenes to take down the deep state that has been trying to take over this country the past few decades.

I don’t really trust Trump and believe he has his own agenda, but if he can take down the deep state then I am all for him. After all he would be the lesser of evils compared to what the Democratic party has planned for this country in the name of “Democracy”. More on that in future posts.

I hope the rumors of JFK Jr (now Sr) being alive turn out to be true. Staging your own death so you can come back and avenge your father’s murderers is the perfect Hollywood ending.

Speaking of Hollywood, if you think you are ready for a steep drop down the rabbit hole, I recommend watching “Fall Cabal” and “Out of the Shadows” on YouTube. I am still disturbed by some of the stuff that I saw on there that most Americans are still oblivious to that was going on under there noses.

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