A tribute to my lifelong companion

Yo soy bueno en la cama.

If you know any Spanish at all, it’s not hard to figure this one out. Of course you would probably have to have a perverted mind. “I am good in the bed.”. There is also “Yo soy bueno en la Cocina.” Or the kitchen.

This is a love letter to my bed, my lifelong companion. I confess I have slept around in many beds. And none of them knew I was cheating on them. At least I don’t think they did.

I heard the best part of being single is being able to sleep around (every corner of the bed).

Dear bed,
Had a good time last night. Looking forward to sleeping together again soon.

Short and sweet. Just like my relationship with my bed. Until my next post, I am off to go cuddle up with the love of my life.