Times have changed and capitalist Jesus

I wonder how much Jesus would charge if He was here today. They say you have to evolve with the times. Actually you don’t have to if you don’t like the direction the world is headed. Tbe Bible tells us not to conform to the pattern of the world (Romans 12).

I’m not sure how prosperity preachers got rich; aside from writing books and people giving them stuff (like they brought to kings in the Old Testament).

Nothing is bad about being rich as long as you use it to serve others. When you live a lavish lifestyle, people tend to question if you are just in it for the money.

I confess I like prosperity preachers. I never once heard them mention money; since the eternal kingdom isn’t dependent on money like the world is. I also prefer prosperity to too much doom and gloom/hellfire and brimstone.

Joel Osteen did make the mistake of charging admission of charging admission once. He said he spent a quarter of a million setting the event up. But people like Billy Graham set up larger events and always had enough donations to not charge admission.

Somehow I don’t think Osteen is a fake, but more than likely ignorant. I’m not sure how Kenneth Copeland became a billionaire though.