How to make the world a better place

Everyone has the desire to want to leave the world a better place than it was when they got here. We all dream big of how we can make a contribution to the world; that is at least until we hit our mid-twenties and reality hits us full in the face. The sad truth is there is no such thing as human progress. The 20th century has been marked as the biggest decade for human progress and coincidentally also has the most corruption than any other century known to man.

Every ounce of progress has led to more debt, taxes, and a higher cost of living. For all of our progress and achievements, we are basically doing the same thing that we have always done. Have you ever heard the adage about before and after enlightenment, we carry water and chop wood?

Liberalism at its core is about freedom of the individual. Progressivism takes liberalism to an extreme and takes us right back to what we tried to liberate ourselves from. Today’s conservatives are just trying to conserve their 19th century liberalism. Progressivism seems exciting, at first anyway, If there is no such thing as progress, then what is the whole point of living? Where does man find his significance?

The Westminster Catechism says the purpose of man is to know God and make Him known. Which God? The God of the Bible. The God of the ancient Hebrews. Or Yahweh, “I Am.”

The most doom and gloom verse in the Old Testament is the first verse in the book of Ecclesiastes, written by the wisest man in the Bible. Solomon, son of King David, says that everything is meaningless, or vanity, and a chasing after the wind. The last verse in the same book says the whole duty of man is to keep the commandments of God.

Of course man can’t do this until he puts his trust in the Divine and God changes his heart (Psalm 37:4). This is called being born again in the New Testament.

The Kingdom of God is already here. Most of us are just unaware of it because we are too distracted by materialism. Atheists always want proof of God’s existence but the biggest proof is that when people put God first and seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, the world becomes more peaceful and balanced.

All the problems, such as income inequality and climate change end up taking care of themselves. Although God ordains government, they are still antichrist and want to have all the power, so they will never tell us to do what God wants us to do. They may promote spirituality but they won’t promote true religion, which is connecting with life’s most important relationship.