What if Jesus took a selfie?

You ever heard the one about there being so many selfies and so little knowledge of the self?

Have you ever wondered what one of Jesus’s selfies would look like? I have to confess that of all the pictures I have seen of Jesus, I have never seen an original.

For those that attended Sunday school growing up, do you remember that old song:

“This is the church

This is the steeple

Open it up

And there are the people”

God said many times in the Old Testament that He would not dwell in a house made of human hands. The ancient Israelites tried to build a temple twice and look what happened to it.

The Body of Christ is His people. If you want to see a picture of Jesus, just go look in the mirror.

More specifically, if you want to read something that is divinely inspired, just go take a look in the mirror.