How Sons of Anarchy TV show depicts what’s wrong with America

Chasing cash we don’t need and spending every dime to stay alive.”-Opie Winston in Sons of Anarchy

I admit I love the show Sons of Anarchy. It started off slow but after the 3rd season I watched a whole season at a time. Katey Segal (Peg Bundy) seems to get hotter with age. She even has a new show called Rebel on ABC although rumor has it the second season was cancelled. She’s also married to Vince Sutter who created Sons of Anarchy. We know how she got the job as Jax Teller’s mom. 😂

Sorry I got off on a tangent about Katey. She is a bit distracting, if you know what I mean. This post is centered around a quote said by Ryan Hurst who played Opie. By the way his him and his family were my favorite characters. Next to Katey.

Does the quote sound familiar? Kind of resembles the American way of life of consumerism. Most people don’t know what they want so they chase after money to pay for stuff they don’t have time to use. Meanwhile some of the poorest people are more financially prosperous because they are more focused on what they want.

Another thing I noticed was the minimizing of the working man. The Sons were all auto mechanics who, more often than not, have to struggle to survive because they typically get paid less than white collar workers who are more educated.

In fact the actual middle class is white collar educated workers while blue collar workers are the poorest class (no matter how much they make). Especially when you have people like Mayor Hale (mayor of the fictional town of Charming, California) who is trying to gentrify the town with luxury homes and driving small businesses out of town. Sound familiar?

To supplement their income from auto mechanics, the founder of the Sons get into arms trafficking with the Irish. Jax Teller’s dad, John, tried to get out of the gun running business and was killed by Clay Morrow (Ron Purlman( who also married John’s wife Gemma, played by Sagal.

That’s it for that. Anymore and I will give it away. I recommend watching it. I am just finishing up the first season the second time around. It’s actually better than Breaking Bad.