The solution for overpopulation

When you look at issues in the world such as the growing gap between the rich and the poor an climate change (aka global warming), those who are truly educated will know that the only real problem is overpopulation. But who’s fault is overpopulation? Many people blame the baby boomers. How can it be their fault when they are the largest generation known to modern man? In truth, it is actually their frisky parents who came home from World War Two and started popping out babies left and right.

Since “climate change” is caused by human activity, what is the solution? Limit human activity? I am sure the government and those on the left would go for this. It is not grounded in reality. What are they going to do? Put a tax on everything or make everything illegal? They have pretty much done that. Congratulations if you have not been arrested for anything yet.

Personally I think the solution for overpopulation is to get out there and make more babies. It is projected that we will go from the current seven billion people to ten billion by the end of this century. I can hardly wait to see that since I will only be 123 years old by then.

Ten billion people in just 80 years? I am sure if we all work together we can exceed this number. Have another baby boom and shoot for 15 or 20 million.

We can do it.