Do we have to evolve with the times?

One of the biggest statements that I have seen or heard is that “the times are changing and we have to evolve with the times.” But do we really have to evolve with the times? I just want to clarify that I am one of the adaptable to change there are. But what if I don’t like the change that is taking place? Or the change is an insult to my soul and moral convictions?

For example, some of the latest trends involve men dressing like women, from skinny jeans to rompers. Hell, there are many men changing their whole gender. You can spot a man who is now a woman. They usually aren’t very attractive because you can tell they use to be a man. There are many who are not happy because they had to alter their whole DNA.

I have nothing against transgender people, I just believe it is more natural to embrace who you are. Trying to go against that is going to be a hard road. I can totally relate to men who struggle with their masculinity because they don’t fit society’s definition of what a man is supposed to be. I won’t go into detail here.

The Bible and Conformity to the world

With regards to the last statement, I say, what does your soul and your conscious tell you to be? Be that person. It doesn’t have to measure up to society’s standards. Especially since society is screwed up and largely an illusion anyway. I like what former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was quoted as saying: “There is no such thing as society. Only individuals and families.”

It should especially be a comfort that the Bible itself tells us not to conform to the ways of the world. The Good Book also says that friendship with the world is enmity towards the Divine. If you feel like the world is against you, then you are probably in line with the Divine will.

Sexual revolution: Evolution or Devolution?

Another gross example I hear about these days is how popular it is to eat ass. There I said it. Don’t be grossed out. You can’t ignore it or stop people from doing it. But you don’t have to do it yourself if it seems gross. But I guess from the standards of the established church it is okay to eat ass as long as you are married (aka committed to each other for life).

All I have to say is, if this is evolution then I am more than comfortable staying in my comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and living a life of bliss. Especially since life has no inherent meaning anyway, other than to revere the Divine and serve others in whatever capacity we find ourselves.

How to live as an outcast?

So what do you do when you suddenly become an outsider? Or you can’t keep up with the economy? The latter doesn’t mean you hate capitalism; it just means you find this hyper-capitalism to be exhausting. Follow your heart and seek the Divine will inside ourselves. Once you realize who you truly are, material desires begin to fade away. Once you embrace minimalism, you realize you don’t really need a lot of money to be happy.

The newfound freedom becomes addicting. You will have more energy to focus on whatever feeds your soul. Once you realize your true value, it won’t matter if you are poor by the world’s standards. There are other ways to be rich, or live richly.

Just because the world doesn’t value some of us doesn’t mean that we can’t value ourselves as human beings.