How to break bad

I always find these cool t-shirts. It wasn’t till I had this one for six months that someone told me it was Heisenberg, or Walter White, in AMC’s Breaking Bad. I started watching the show on Netflix shortly after that and eventually binge watched all 62 episodes within six months. Then I realized the lead character was the father on Malcolm in the Middle.

This is not a blog post where I am going to cook meth or anything like that. Recently I just spent about six months binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. This was about five years or so after the show ended. I heard about it from a lot of people. But I never really knew what it was about.

So what made me decide to watch the show? It started when I found this cool T-shirt with a man’s face on it (displayed above). I took a close up and used it as my profile picture on Facebook. It was a few months after I bought the shirt when someone told me that it was Walter White, aka Heisenberg, on the hit AMC show; now shown in reruns on Netflix.

It took me six months to watch all five seasons. Then I was surprised that all of that action took place inside of one year. Somehow I felt inspired to not want to be an underachiever like I have been the last few years. I am not intending to start a meth lab or anything like that. Maybe an escort service.

To briefly sum it up, Walter formed a company called Gray Matter when he was in grad school. He mistakenly sold his shares early; had he not done so, he would have been a multi-millionaire. Instead he settled for being a high school chemistry teacher; all the while watching his colleagues surpass him in every way.

Then he hooked up with former student, Jessie Pinkman and started cooking the purest meth. Walter finally created something that was valued that made him rich. Never mind that it was illegal, and deadly. Along the way, he killed 169 people throughout all five seasons. Keep in mind the action took place within one year. He didn’t kill them directly as some were rather indirectly. This just shows how interconnected our lives are.

In the end, Walt did seem to show regret for what he did to his family. But of course it is difficult to get out of the drug trade once you get into it. In the end he finally gets out of it, though his brother in law DEA agent found out who he was. Thus Heisenberg became a fugitive.

I guess Walter wasn’t totally evil with what he did with the remaining $10 million that he had leftover before he accidentally shot himself. I gave how he died away, but you would have found out by asking Google. I didn’t give away what he did with the rest of the money.

In closing, I like the show and am currently caught up with the prequel with Saul Goodman, Walt’s attorney in Better Call Saul. But I was binge watching Sons of Anarchy and actually liked that show better.