Believing tbe Bible but not “trusting” it

It’s amazing how when you question something from western culture’s most revered book, people assume you don’t believe in it anymore.

The Bible can still be a spiritual enlightening read. Even though man has corrupted it by using it to control. You have to do independent research to learn more about people tbe different writing were addressed to as well as the meaning of the original words.

Freemasons aren’t necessarily Christian but they use the same Bible. The United States was founded on principles from the Bible but not Christianity itself. The founders were mostly deist.

Freemasons believe the bible is a collection of ancient mysteries. Christianity borrowed its theology from Judaism and turned the Hebrew Messiah into a god. Turkish Mongolians and Khazar Jews turned Judaism into a religion after conquering lands about 3000 years ago and stealing the writings of the ancient Israelites.

The ancient Israelites borrowed from Egyptians and Hindus. I even received a free Bhagavad Gita from a Hindu motel owner and read it, and the Upanishads, along with with the Bible for a more enlightening look at the overall big picture.

Comment in the discussion section so we can delve deeper into the ancient mysteries of life. After all it’s not life that is hard, it’s the ways of the world. We don’t have to conform. Apparently the ancients knew that. So much for all of this progress.