Movie Reviews: In & Out (1997)

Did you ever see the movie “in and out” which came out nearby 20 years ago? It was about an English professor with a fiancee of several years. All throughout the movie everybody kept assuming he was gay. Towards the end of the movie he cane out of the closet.

The lead character (played by Kevin Kline) cane out at his own wedding on top of that. His fiance of three years was played by actress Joan Cusack, who went on to star in Shameless on Showtime as Sheila Jackson. Tom Selleck also starred in the movie.

The question this movie begs to ask is : did the English professor in the movie “in and out” really cone to terms with his sexuality? Or was he a victim of society’s brainwashing because they tried to compartmentalize him according to a stereotype?

Not to be confused with In &Out Burger. Which I think is the most disturbing name for a burger restaurant. Sounds like something that would come out of California.