Innovation at its finest

One of the hallmarks of capitalism is innovation. Of course this is assuming that the only motivation to be innovative is to make money. There are countless people who are innovative either for personal or societal goals. Nikola Tesla comes to mind. Of course people like this usually get there ideas stolen from them.

One of the things I miss about living out west was the creative slogans on business signs. I have seen some of that in the south but not as frequent.

I saw more innovation living among the “poor” in Phoenix. That is some of the people who rode bikes putting motors on them. Of course when I looked up the first motorcycle, that is actually how it was invented.

There are some inventors, maybe more than we know whose only goal was to better humanity. Until some capitalist came along and profited from their idea. We probably never would have heard of these great minds if that hadn’t happened.

The way our monetary system works today, money no longer feels like freedom. In fact people all over are finding creative ways to live and do things just to save a buck here and there. From finding creative ways to beat the rent to even burying their relatives to beat burial costs.