How to defeat the New World Order: Build God’s New World Order

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I am sure people are tired of hearing about the New World Order by now. It was a conspiracy theory until 2020 when it became a reality with the Coronavirus pandemic. I almost accidentally said plandemic there. What exactly is the New World Order that we have heard so much about for decades?

The Plan

I read or heard something on the website of the London School of Economics about the government’s plan for a welfare state. The plan included a moneyless society in which people would work for welfare benefits instead of for money. Whenever you were promoted in the workplace, you would just move up to a higher level of welfare benefits. Sounds great when you understand that money is debt and economic growth usually means more debt. Until you realize that it gives too much power to the government. In history that has never ended well.

Another future goal was that corporations would generate all the wealth that society needed through an automated workforce. The government would distribute the gains to the public via a Universal Basic Income. Again, it sounds great on paper, until you see through it and see what it leads to.

We already have a basic income now; it is called Social Security. The reason it is the most successful government program is because it works for who it is designed to work for, senior citizens who put in their 40-50 years in the workforce. Now everyone wants to get in on it because no one wants to work anymore. Talk about a moral decline. Why work when the government promises to take care of you. Ask a Native American Indian how prosperity works when the government promises to take care of you.

Anyone can get a base income these days through Social Security Disability. There is a list of illnesses that qualify for the monthly payments. Fortunately, the government is conservative, or neoliberal, enough that they make it hard for people to access these; we think we pay a lot of taxes now. Talk about the new American Dream in the USSA; everyone gets a check from the government and section 8 housing where they only have to pay 1/3 of it towards rent. And over time, fewer and fewer people work for the benefit of the many who are living off the government. Anybody with a moral foundation can see the problem here.

Sounds good to the uneducated masses who don’t understand how the world works. Sounds like a dystopian nightmare to those who do. So how do we escape this nightmare before it becomes reality, or gets worse?

The Solution

I have seen a lot of new businesses opening up everywhere I visit in recent decades. Most people are so focuses on the public sector with government and corporations that they don’t even notice. They say the Coronavirus pandemic shut a lot of businesses down in the last couple years, but I still see a lot of businesses that either stayed open or even opening. Many of them are using technology to supplement their income; i.e., food delivery apps instead of having to come into the store.

The future of jobs may be bleak after being dependent on Corporate America to create jobs the last few decades. The jobs of the future will be created by the citizens through entrepreneurship. You may have to create your own job. This is empowering, which is another reason people fear the future.

The Problem

I actually understand the phrase “capitalism is saving the world” now. If it hadn’t been for the love of money, we would still be on lockdown in much of the western world. Liberals, anti-capitalists, and socialists think we are just heartless and greedy because they are focused on the virus and don’t follow what is going on behind the scenes.

I noticed from talking to various small business owners, and reading, that you have to have anywhere from a quarter to half a million dollars upfront to launch even the smallest of businesses. This is because Corporate America and the government are rigging the economy against small business because it takes away from their power. The whole Coronavirus pandemic boils down to a war on small business, which is the backbone of America and any country.

Since people are leaving Corporate America in droves and becoming independent, the former is spending less on jobs and investing more in real estate; i.e.; buying up land and building luxury apartments and houses. This is nothing more than an attempt to keep us enslaved to their system making things cost me. Maybe they hope we will go out of business and return to the Corporate world,or live off whatever benefit the government has for us.

The solution is just to go with God and trust the Divine plan. Pray for smaller businesses to grow and flourish. This is a much bigger plan than just making money. Money is nothing than a made-up tool used to value assets and liabilities