The dirty secrets of Capitalism

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The following blog post is all about the dirty secrets of capitalism. Much of it is common sense and most people know it anyway, even if they don’t really want to admit it; or they really don’t want to admit it to themselves. This isn’t to say that capitalism is bad in and of itself; but I wouldn’t call it a biblical system, even though it has some godly elements to it, it it still more of a worldly system.

  1. The first dirty secret of capitalism is kind of obvious but somehow I don’t think most people are fully aware of it; or they are in denial. It is the fact that money is debt, or an IOU to the person we are paying. All money starts as loans. Even the dollar bills say federal promissory notes on them. As one person pointed out, the dollar bill is just another bill you have to pay back.
  2. The next dirty secret of capitalism is that money is everything. No one wants to make money everything. While they try not to sound greedy, it’s kind of hard to deny this fact when you have bills to pay.
  3. The last dirty secret of capitalism (from an exhaustive list) is that it is all just a game. In a way, there is truth that money is how you keep score. Many people hate it for this fact, next to giving money too much place in their lives.
  4. No one is entitled to anything. You get what you earn and sometimes you don’t even get all of that. It is a game of risk. This is why there is so much talent out there that ends up working average jobs and never really makes it big. You have about less than a 10% chance of succeeding, if that.

Despite all of the dirty secrets of capitalism, this doesn’t mean the game is necessarily bad in and of itself. You cannot hate capitalism while using all of the products that it produces. If you don’t want to worship money, then put God first and make sure that you are serving a higher purpose. You may not make as much but you will be richer all the way around. Also, if you add enough value, you can still strike it rich. Just don’t forget where you came from, or God may allow it to be taken away.