Maybe we’re all a little redneck

Remember the “you might be a redneck” jokes back in the 90s? The comedian Jeff Foxworthy said the term redneck was defined as “glorified simplicity”.

Turns out the simple life is the good life. If you think the world is getting too complex and miss the old life, just remember the old life still exists. After all we still have Amish and Quakers.

Start a new trend by bringing back something old. Like empathy for one.

I heard a song on the radio when I was channel surfing called “there is a little bit redneck in all of us.”

When you are poor and live in the inner city, they call you ghetto. If the poor person moves to the country then he is a hick or a redneck.

A hippy is just an intellectual redneck who may be overly spiritual.

What a great blog post for Independence Day.

America: built by rednecks. Taken over by the overly educated.