Ambien and Roseanne

This post goes out to the reboot of Roseanne. America’s favorite blue collar family kicked off season 10 21 years after season 9 ended. This seems to be a trend with TV shows recently. They used to just have reunions on movies.

Either way, Rosie didn’t last long after supposedly making a racial slur and then proceeding to blame it on the side effects of an Ambien she had taken.

More than likely Roseanne was fired for conservative views as the rest of the cast is left leaning. Because they are still under contract, the show will continue but will kill off Rosie and change the name.

So the first season of The Connors will just be season 11 of Roseanne. Kind of like back in the late 80s when Valerie Harper left her own show and Valerie became The Hogan Family.

I’m looking forward to it. It could keep Johnny Galecki out of the unemployment line since it is Big Bang Theory’s last season.