Love your tinfoil hat wearing friends

No one plans on becoming a conspiracy theorist; it just sort of happens. Chalk it up to too many years going down the rabbit hole. Most conspiracy theories do turn out to be true. Granted they may not be as bad as the conspiracy theorist made them out to be.

I saw a meme on Facebook captioned “king of the tinfoil hat club.” Another one showed someone that was so caught up in conspiracy theories that they were wrapped up in tinfoil like a mummy.

Being a conspiracy theorist comes from a combination of understanding human nature and knowing how the world works. The first step down the rabbit hole is studying psychology, with a little economics, followed by history.

I admit I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but I’m one of the types that don’t see things as being as bad as most people do. The Bible says God can bring goodness out of evil. He is actually the source of evil. The inclination towards evil comes from God giving man a freewill to choose.

If you’re going to be a conspiracy theorist, at least have faith in God, along with a good sense of humor.

Daily E’ism: Someday people will appreciate their tinfoil hat wearing friends.