How to know what you are? Getting an accurate diagnosis.

Is there a such thing as an accurate diagnosis? I’ve been reading a lot about Adrenal Fatigue over the last year and realized I’ve never heard of this diagnosis or known anyone who was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance.

From what I’ve read when your hormones are out of balance it can cause depression, anxiety, mania, psychosis, etc. From experience I have been diagnosed with low cortisol but no doctor would do anything for it because of a Bipolar diagnosis.

It seems like the health care system nowadays is too hasty to diagnose mental illness and once you have a psychiatric diagnosis they don’t really do anything about hormonal imbalance. When your hormones are out of balance it can kill you but at least you can get plenty of sleep from the antipsychotics that it seems like are being pushed on people these days.

It is widely known that Doctors don’t treat actual illnesses. They treat the symptoms. So often times when you have one underlying symtom you may only need one medicine but can easily wind up on medicines for every single symptom without treating the underlying cause. Unless you look into Functional or Integrative medicine doctors or a Doctor of Osteopathy or an Orthomolecular Doctor that knows about herbal supplements.

As if that’s not enough most doctors nowadays are afraid of being sued which would explain why they overdiagnose and overmedicate. So where do you go for good service. Look into Do-it-yourself healthcare by reading up on All-Natural ways to deal with illnesses with herbs & nutritonal dietary supplements.

It pays off to be in tune with your own body because you’llknow what hurts under what conditions. For example I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux but I noticed it flairs up when I’m anxious or stressed; then I read somewhere that serotonin is in the digestive tract which is usually out of balanced when one is depressed or anxious. Hmmm. . .again with the hormones being out of balance causing mental health problems?