How much is enough?

You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?”-Steven Wright

The question of the day is how much do you need to make you happy?

The answer is always just a little bit more.

Who came up with the phrase “he who dies with the most toys wins?” All you win is a trip to an early grave. And you can’t take a U-haul with you. Actually I have seen this done but in a photo but I don’t think it will get past the check-in in the spiritual world.

No one ever came to the end of their lives wishing they’d have spent more time at the office.

Most people are working for status and power. The money just follows it. Once you find true wealth, it is quite possible for these to lose their appeal. That is why so many “poor” working class people may have more even though they have less on paper. After all it’s hard to see someone in a “ghetto” as being poor if they own their older house and a few cars.

If we judged middle class by net worth rather than income, the blue collar working class may have more than white collar middle class does, because the latter has mostly debt.

Unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. Those who work hard and live by labor and work hard will always be in the bottom of the social hierarchy no matter how much they make. The middle class lives by education and mostly mental jobs. The upper class makes money with money and literally owns society

The Talmud says one is rich when he is content with what he has. You can have more if you are content and you won’t get attached to it and most likely be more generous.

They own you.”-George Carlin.