Politics makes me wish I was a futurist

I can safely say I am glad the election is over. I didn’t even care who won. Reason being that there is a greater kingdom that operates in the world and God’s will be done through it doesn’t matter who takes the office of the President of the United States.

I used to always hear Christians say that no matter who is President, Jesus is still King. It seems they only say this when the person they didn’t vote for wins. When their candidate wins, you would think it was the second coming and he was the messiah himself.

To me it doesn’t matter who is in office or what happens in politics because the economy, like the retail stores that I have worked in, tends to run itself. One of the reasons that the economy has been declining is because people are not playing the game like they used to before 9-11.

If you look at the following sites, you will discover a new trend within the church and even outside of it:
1) Missionalwisdom.com
2) Thesimpleway.org
3) Jpusa.org
4) Communityofcommunities.info
5) Ic.org/directory
6) Cohousing.org

The Gig Economy and Sustainable Living

People are opting out of the economy and choosing to live on less. This frees you up to serve God’s Kingdom more fully. Many people are making a living within the gig economy or by pursuing freelance careers that the internet has opened up for them.

A Harvard business professor even encouraged his students to take advantage of this rather than looking for a job. A popular website called pennyhoarder.com also lists creative ways to make a living without having to look for a “job”.

Minimalism: Detachment from the world

Going back to the intentional community idea: this sounds more like church than actually going to church on Sunday. Believers living in communities and sharing their resources and even taking in the poor and homeless like Jesus call them to do. Maybe if the church gets back to doing this, the government won’t have to.

So why do I say that politics makes me wish I was a Futurist? Because I believe that it is a distraction to the Kingdom of the Christ that has been here for nearly 2000 years. Whatever goes on in politics, for one may be more “fake news” just to get advertising. Secondly, keep in mind that we serve a God who can bring good out of anything. See Romans 8:28 where is says “for God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him.”