How to shop while you are hungry

I was always taught growing up not to shop while I was hungry. Of course, like most people, I am not very good at following this advice because I wait till I am almost completely out of food to go grocery shopping.  Then I end up eating out for a few days until I break down and go shopping even when it wasn’t in the budget. Fortunately for me I spent most of my adult life working in a supermarket capacity.  

I confess that I have always managed to stay within my budget while shopping. Of course this goes back to the convenience of working in a grocery store.  I just buy enough for a few days. I am also conscious of what my budget is. In addition I am also organized enough that I can whiz through and complete my shopping while many customers are just getting started.  

In all actuality, the reason I am so fast at shopping is probably because I am in a hurry to get home and starting munching down on the food. Even if I am hungry, I somehow manage to refrain from buying certain items. I just file them away into my mental grocery list for a later date.  

I also love the self-checkout, which everyone else conveniently hates. They would prefer to bitch about the lines getting backed up while those of us that love this fairly new feature in the supermarkets will head right to it first thing as soon as we get through shopping.  

Back to the topic at hand, which is how to shop when you are hungry: for starters, I would not recommend this but since you likely will find yourself in this situation anyway, it helps to have a budget to stay within. Of course it also helps when you know what you want and are able to prioritize accordingly. This is probably easier when you are poor, or just have a tight budget due to a lot of expenses.   

Maybe there are some benefits to being “poor”, at least on paper anyway. It forces you to stay on a budget and you get to be creative at finding ways to save money.  Material prosperity is not so much about making more, it is about making the most of what you have.  

If I learn how to live richly on just over $1000 a month, I’m not going to know what to do with myself when I am making ten times that. More than likely I will buy a Lexus, Cadillac CTS, or Maserati just so I can bring back that “poor” feeling again.