COPS: The first and the best reality TV show

I confess that I love watching COPS. I didn’t watch it much growing up unless I caught the double feature every Saturday night on Fox. I watched it more in recent years when either Spike or True TV would run marathons. I also admit that I really didn’t pay attention unless something major happened. It is one of those shows where if you seen one episode you pretty much seen them all.

Now that I finally have an Amazon Prime membership, I can buy some of the older seasons for $10 per season; as far back as Season 19. The show is basically the first reality TV show, and longest running.

I love the show because it is fun to watch people get busted; as long as it is not yourself. It is kind of a live action version of the Jerry Springer Show.

I also like listening to the people that get stopped by the police as they make up some of the weirdest excused for doing what they did to get pulled over. For example, one guy said he was speeding because he had to take a piss.

It is even funnier when people hide drugs in their crotch because they actually believe the police are not going to search there. You have to feel sorry for the officer who has to reach in there to pull out a stash that the suspect hid.

One thing I learned from watching Cops is that if you purchase a vehicle, make sure it is not stolen. If someone reports a car stolen and the police pull you over, they do not ask questions. It is almost like guilty until proven innocent. Fortunately you can always note the VIN number and contact the police department in your area and confirm that it is not stolen. Especially with all of these cheap deals on cars that I keep seeing on these apps. Makes you wonder someone isn’t desperate enough to steal their friends car and make a quick buck.

That was off topic, but that’s all for today. I am about to go catch another episode of Cops. Let’s see who does something stupid tonight.