What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do? Flipping over tables and chasing p)eolple with a whip is always an option. That is actually most men’s favorite bible story. That and turning water into wine.

Perhaps flipping over tables while drinking wine. Or flipping the tables because he had too much wine.

Other than that it seems Jesus mostly appeals to women. They think he’s a god. I won’t even touch the one about him being “hung like this.” Although I think I just did in a roundabout way.

There are more people who love Jesus outside of the church than inside of it. And they always warned me about getting too close to “them” back when I went to church.

It’s amazing what you learn when you actually aren’t afraid to get to know people. Makes it hard to judge. Which makes us more compassionate. Oh wait. . .That’s what it’s all about

Love is the absence of judgement. It’s a Buddhist concept but I think it’s in the bible indirectly.