Things that don’t make sense

This is going to sound like a rant about money. I have no problem with the subject of money itself. I am not envious of those living in these new luxury apartments, even if it does seem like paying four figures and up for an apartment is a waste of money because one isn’t building equity in something. If I wanted a luxury apartment I would get one. I have seen some small studios for just under $1000, as low as $800 in some areas. These were literally cheaper than the non-luxury apartments in the area.

Although for the price of a luxury apartment, you can probably just buy a condo for $200k or less. If you make less than $50,000 a year you would just need a very large down payment. It might not be as cheap with the HOA and property taxes. The taxes are higher in a high rise than in a house.

Here’s the rant, or maybe it’s just humorous to me. People paying a few thousand for an apartment and are working so many hours that they aren’t even home in the first place. On top of that, when they aren’t working they are socializing in restaurants which are turning more and more into social lounges. The funny thing about the latter is many people don’t even eat much, if anything, when they go out. They are just paying to socialize.

I had the privilege of working a part-time job in a restaurant. You wouldn’t believe how much food was thrown out. Makes you think most people just pay to socialize. Imagine the cooks, who are paid barely above minimum wage and face all that pressure to cook food that is mostly thrown in the trash.

Spending all that money on an apartment you are never in and all that food you don’t eat because you are just there to socialize. Apparently common sense died a long time ago and never received a proper burial. But the good news is this kind of bullshit is good for the economy and actually creates jobs. Also I can’t judge anyone anyway. Obviously no one who actually works really hard for their money will be that flippant with money.

Strange world where the people who work the hardest barely make enough to survive while those that make it easier just throw it away. The latter are the ones that don’t want the government touching their “hard earned” money. I am not that liberal because I am not in favor of anything the government does to help the “poor”. Their methods usually involve subsidizing them which only serves to make the rich richer. In the end this just makes everything worse.

Why do I have to pick sides when both sides go to extremes? Someone has to be in the middle to keep everything balanced.