Is intelligence really a curse?

Several times in my life I have regarded intelligence as a curse. People I know say this is stupid, but only intelligent people will understand. The smarter you are the more people use you. In addition to this, it is also harder to relate to most people.

Also when you are above average intelligence, you don’t see life as hard so you often don’t work as hard. This doesn’t mean you are lazy, it just means you always find an efficient way to do stuff. The problem is you may very well be held back from promotions because you don’t “work” hard enough. The promotion is still going to the one who works the hardest. People will wonder why you are smarter and not getting anywhere. The natural presupposition is that you are just lazy and need to work harder.

When we go back to the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve (figurative of the human race) ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they ate of the wrong tree and put more trust in materialism, thus rejecting divine providence. Did you ever wonder why success required so much knowledge to get ahead? That is part of the curse.

The tree of life is simply resting in divine providence. It may lean more toward living off the land and look like poverty to a materialist. While there are righteous people who do get rich, many rich people are doing so because they may not trust in divine providence; i.e., they are trying to be gods.

Another thing about knowledge is that of all the knowledge that is out there, most of it is downright useless. Also that much knowledge crammed into your head can make a person struggle with anxiety and overthinking. This explains everything that is wrong with our education system.

So, in conclusion, it turns out intelligence is a curse. Yet Albert Einstein was right when he said that all people are born geniuses, yet they are de-geniusized by adults as they get older. Common sense is divine wisdom so it is not surprising that as we grow more materialistic, we die a little more spiritually.

The end result is common sense (divine wisdom) dies and we think we just need more “education.” The corporate/government controlled universities will capitalize on this. Now you probably see why they don’t promote any type of religion in public schools.

Don’t worry too much about Artificial Intelligence. It has been around for years. We have just been calling it “education.”