Ever wonder what happened to the Mafia?

One question that I have to ask before I begin this blog post: When did all of the Mafia dons start becoming United States Presidents?

For the last 30 years, we have heard of the infamous “trickle-down economics” that was proposed by former President Ronald Regean. What exactly is this wealth that is supposedly trickling down?  Do we actually believe that the ruling class worked hard all of their lives and they were giving back to their community by creating jobs?

And all this time I thought I was slow.

For one the Elite own the banking system and live off the profits from the wealth that we create. Secondly the whole system could be laundering money from racketeering in Mafia activities by investing it in the stock market.

I did see an example of this in the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. Gus laundered his money into his chicken restaurant and Walter White later laundered his into a car wash he used to work at part-time. Now I even wonder if some of those small business I like to shop from are investing money from selling drugs or prostitutes.

But no one is going to question this as long as they are getting paid for their “honest work”. Hell, I don’t even question it. It’s not so much my responsibility what they did with the money. I am only responsible for what I do with the money that I earn from work.

It even says in the New Testament “to the pure all things are pure.” It is our motivation as to what we are working for and what we do with our money that purifies anything that we do. If our motivation is to love and serve humanity, then everything that we do is purified.