Legalism found in most churches and even many religious schools

I watched a very enlightening video by a Pastor named Steve McVey back in late 2010 which led to my awakening and departure from the Church. It was entitled “101 lies you hear in Church.” As I got further away from the established church, I begin to renounce my faith. That is until I discovered the ministry of Progressive Christianity. Not to be confused with progressives in politics. Being a progressive in religion isn’t nearly as stressful. In fact it is actually more mystical.

Progressive Christianity and Pastor Steve McVeigh with is actually my ministries of the month.

I have to admit that one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is how rigid the rules were at most Christian colleges? I won’t go into detail but it seems more as if they are more into following the letter of the law.

In fact many schools are churches are so rigid and focused on dogma that I begin to wonder if Jesus Himself would even be accepted in there. Then I have to remember that the Book of John said even His own people didn’t recognize Him. The Apostle Paul even said something in one of his letters about following the vain traditions of men.

When you research the religion of the Christ verses the religion built around Him, you will start to see the big picture more.