Here’s an Obama phone. Call someone who cares.

I was reading Obama success stories lately. . .

Okay that joke stops there.

Stop laughing

Someone pointed out what the number to the spelled out. I didn’t even catch it.

Pretty sure it’s not just a coincidence.

No such thing as “healthcare”. It is neither a right or a privilege. It is a responsibility.

Healthcare is expensive because too many people are dependent on the system.

Politicians promise only a 2% tax increase. It won’t be long before all you get is a stipend and bave to live on public assistance because you can’t afford rent.

But hey, at least you have free healthcare and education.

We should stop calling it free. There are people out there who actually think it’s free.

Government doesn’t care about your health. They just want the control. It’s the same with Corporate America. If the latter offers health insurance,they can squash small business.

Come to think of it, corporatism is just socialism disguised as capitalism. Socialism is watered down communism. The federal reserve is central planning which is corporate communism.See the big picture yet?