Articles published for the Breakthrough Psychology Program

  1. Spiritual techniques to overcome depression and anxiety
  2. The downside to being wealthy
  3. Discovering your multiple intelligences
  4. Caffeine as an antidepressant
  5. Mindful meditation for depression
  6. How limiting beliefs contribute to depression
  7. Ancient secrets to achieve lasting inner peace
  8. Experiencing the law of attraction
  9. Is adulting worth it?
  10. Giving up materialism for Lent
  11. Climbing the ladder of human consciousness
  12. Using your smartphone as an antidepressant
  13. Emotional intelligence: The hidden genius
  14. Spirituality and religion as a health and wellness tool
  15. Does social media contribute to depression
  16. Sex as an antidepressant?
  17. How mindfulness can help with emotional problems
  18. Using honesty to keep life simple
  19. Getting to know yourself and finding true happiness