How to be a millionaire on minimum wage

With all the talk about “Fight for $15”, I did the math and crunched some numbers. I figure at 40 hours a week, we could all be millionaires if we just raise the minimum wage to $500 an hour.How about we just fight for $500?

Now if you want to kill the joke, just note that a million dollars a year wouldn’t make you a millionaire. Only a million dollars worth of assets would make you a millionaire (minus liabilities).

I once met a decent looking young man in a homeless shelter who once said that if he was offered a job making $35,000 a year, he would be homeless and save $35,000 a year.Wow! Just wow.Factor out transportation to get to work and taxes, you would be lucky to still have half of that.That and the fact that if you made that kind of money, you would be wanting a place of your own within a month.

If the Bible is right about the government serving Divine purposes, maybe taxes is God’s way of telling us to make sure our work serves a higher purpose than just making money for the sake of making money.

Also people that do get rich is usually because they can find every tax loopholes out there.So basically the secret to success is to always look for the loophole.

What is it good for?


What is it good for?


But at least it all trickles down.



Although just because I may not be able to support the greedy motives behind the warmongering doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support the troops who risked their lives. Not really sure just who’s freedom they are actually fighting for sometimes.

With all these entertainers running for President, how about we elect Chuck Norris? He will take care of all wars by himself.

The age old question

It is the age old question.

Why does God, if there is one, allow so much evil in the world.

As one preacher put it, God is not in control. If “He” were, there would be no evil.

Even the Bible says God created evil. The Lord creates evil by allowing us to be free.

However most people don’t believe in freewill. If you don’t have freewill, then you are a slave or a robot.

Calvinistic types believe if God is sovereign then man can’t be free. So salvation must be predetermined. Atheists are educated enough to know man is a free agent, but they wrongfully assume there must not be a god.

How can God be sovereign and give man free will?

Maybe the Divine freely gives up part of His sovereignty so His beloved can be free, though free to choose a right relationship with the Divine over the carnal pleasures of the world.

God never technically killed anyone in the Bible days. He just allowed them to wipe each other out. But those that trust in the Divine are always protected.

If humans go extinct in the next 100 years, once again the righteous will be protected and left over to repopulate.

As in the days of Noah. . .or like Jesus prophesied regarding AD 70. The world ended a long time ago. We are just the leftovers.

I think I have a drinking problem

I think I may have a drinking problem. I’m just confessing it and don’t really plan on doing anything about it. Confession alone feels good for the soul. Actually I don’t really have a drinking problem as I drink just fine.

I confess I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t drink coffee anymore. I have been drinking the sweet elixir of life ever since I was a toddler. Straight out of the bottle.

I may have stunted my growth, but I’m 75” tall. That’s 6’3” for those bad in math and who don’t understand their measurements. Maybe I stunted my growth in other areas that I really can’t put on a blog post.

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your bottle. 😂

You thought I was going to say in your cup? Now that you got that jingle stuck in your head, this is a good time for me to close.

The dirty secrets of Capitalism

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The following blog post is all about the dirty secrets of capitalism. Much of it is common sense and most people know it anyway, even if they don’t really want to admit it; or they really don’t want to admit it to themselves. This isn’t to say that capitalism is bad in and of itself; but I wouldn’t call it a biblical system, even though it has some godly elements to it, it it still more of a worldly system.

  1. The first dirty secret of capitalism is kind of obvious but somehow I don’t think most people are fully aware of it; or they are in denial. It is the fact that money is debt, or an IOU to the person we are paying. All money starts as loans. Even the dollar bills say federal promissory notes on them. As one person pointed out, the dollar bill is just another bill you have to pay back.
  2. The next dirty secret of capitalism is that money is everything. No one wants to make money everything. While they try not to sound greedy, it’s kind of hard to deny this fact when you have bills to pay.
  3. The last dirty secret of capitalism (from an exhaustive list) is that it is all just a game. In a way, there is truth that money is how you keep score. Many people hate it for this fact, next to giving money too much place in their lives.
  4. No one is entitled to anything. You get what you earn and sometimes you don’t even get all of that. It is a game of risk. This is why there is so much talent out there that ends up working average jobs and never really makes it big. You have about less than a 10% chance of succeeding, if that.

Despite all of the dirty secrets of capitalism, this doesn’t mean the game is necessarily bad in and of itself. You cannot hate capitalism while using all of the products that it produces. If you don’t want to worship money, then put God first and make sure that you are serving a higher purpose. You may not make as much but you will be richer all the way around. Also, if you add enough value, you can still strike it rich. Just don’t forget where you came from, or God may allow it to be taken away.