Movie Reviews: In & Out (1997)

Did you ever see the movie “in and out” which came out nearby 20 years ago? It was about an English professor with a fiancee of several years. All throughout the movie everybody kept assuming he was gay. Towards the end of the movie he cane out of the closet.

The lead character (played by Kevin Kline) cane out at his own wedding on top of that. His fiance of three years was played by actress Joan Cusack, who went on to star in Shameless on Showtime as Sheila Jackson. Tom Selleck also starred in the movie.

The question this movie begs to ask is : did the English professor in the movie “in and out” really cone to terms with his sexuality? Or was he a victim of society’s brainwashing because they tried to compartmentalize him according to a stereotype?

Not to be confused with In &Out Burger. Which I think is the most disturbing name for a burger restaurant. Sounds like something that would come out of California.

The love between David and Jonathan may not be what it sounds like

I Samuel 1:26. . . Your love for me was extraordinary; surpassing the love of women.” (David to Jonathan)

Today’s devotional comes from a bible verse I don’t think anyone has ever written on. And no matter the perspective you take on it, someone will accuse you of taking it out of context.

I am confident I may have a perspective that will anger both sides of the argument. I’m always here to serve and ready to offend.

First off I don’t know how else to read this: “my love for you surpasses the love of women.” King David was a man after God’s own heart, yet he was also a murderer and an adulterer. God forbid he should be in a “same sex relationship” on top of that.

Even if David and Jonathan were gay lovers, it doesn’t mean they had anal or oral sex. The fact that this is the first thing that comes to a church goers mind is an indication that they are more than a little sexually oppressed.

Maybe that vow of celibacy isn’t working too well and they just need to go get some?

Now for the conservative side who argues that the relationship between David and Jonathan was just a deeply intimate bromance. Sadly enough any intimacy between two guys is suspected of homosexuality. This is one of the reasons that men are not as relational as women.

If you want to really see how twisted human nature is, there are some people who will brand you as a pedophile just for standing too close to a child. Does anyone doubt this logic?

From this it’s not hard to understand why women are more spiritually sensitive and men struggle to have a relationship with the Divine; since God is depicted as a male then life’s most important relationship would be a same sex relationship for men.

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The righteous are as bold as lions

Proverbs 28:1. . .”The righteous are as bold as lions.”

I admit I love to see the looks on people’s faces when I tell them that I am the youngest of six kids and an only child; especially if it is through social media. The pitfall of being the youngest is having a hard time taking stuff seriously.

Since I have spent the last couple of decades learning how to be a man, I have become more bold. Mostly since losing my earthly father back in 2005. As good a man as he was, his one weakness was that he was more of a Mr Mom. He admitted this, albeit jokingly; though there is truth to kidding.

The verse of today comes from Proverbs 28:1 which states the righteous are as bold as lions. Cross reference it with a verse towards the end of the book of Revelations that says “the cowardly will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Some people think a life of faith is easy because all you do is just believe. They don’t understand what biblical belief actually is. Still others think God is a crutch for the weak. I am reminded of something a preacher said once about Jesus being meek.

Meekness is defined as a gentleness. In layman’s terms it is “power under control.” Jesus was anything but weak the way He challenged the legalistic Pharisees of His day. Every man’s favorite Jesus story is when He chased money changers out of the temple.

I wonder what Jesus would be doing in churches today if He was here physically?

The Beatitudes say that the meek will inherit the earth. Being meek means trusting in the Divine and living life from God (tree of life) verses trusting in ourselves (tree of knowledge). The former makes life easier once you put God first; boldly put God first I might add.

Life wasn’t meant to be hard. Keep in mind that even faith is a gift from God and not something we have to muster up ourselves.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be added.”- Jesus

The blessings of not giving a shit

Feelings are overrated. Especially when you allow them to control you.

I always hated the side effects of psychiatric drugs. They either give an artificial happiness or numb your emotions so you can’t feel anything.

There is a reason tbey call them shrink meds. They work by shrinking your brain, thus limiting our potential.

Mental illness is a disease for geniuses who haven’t learned how to harness their own mental power. While medicine may be beneficial in the short term, it can be toxic in the long term.

That and people today have a tendency to become dependent on the drugs and not take the steps to overcome the disorder.Why take medicine to numb myself when I can numb myself? Actually that is more or less the philosophy of stoicism. Since I have faith in a “God” bigger than Christianity. I don’t feel trapped by one religion. I find most religions are actually interesting and have good values. It’s always extremism and fundamentalism that corrrupts e everything.

Virgin mobile or mobile virgin

There are a lot of virgins putting out these days. Oops, I mean being put out by Virgin Mobile. I won’t pick on this company too much. Their CEO, Richard Branson, is actually a cool looking hippie. Maybe he will hire me as a social media manager someday. As soon as I get better at pretending to know what I am actually doing.

A little story about my intercourse with Virgin Mobile, um, I mean my experience; I went through a divorce and heard about phones through Lifeline since I didn’t have a job at the time. Rather than wait two weeks to be approved for a free phone, I traded my first smartphone in and ended up with a the same phone at Radio Shack, during their death throes. I remember that little flip phone with its 1500 minutes and text messages.

I used to like the flip phone better, but now with GPS and all the TV apps, I have to have a smartphone. They don’t cost that much more than the flip phones if you want a cheap one with limited space.

People seem shocked that someone would pay $1000 for an Iphone, but most people finance, I’m sure. Something like $20-30 a month for two years; basically pay at cost over that period of time while Apple makes their money off the plan. People with lots of money will pay $600-1000 for one of these phones just for the status symbol.

Me personally, I can get a top of the line LG phone for $200 or less after it’s been awhile. I like the free music app that it comes with.

I find it ironic how I found Virgin Mobile after a divorce. I was like a virgin reborn. Or perhaps a mobile virgin?