Left behind with a t-shirt

I took this picture when I was in Phoenix. It was given to someone I know at some event after one of the recent raptures.

I lost count of how many raptures there have been. If I figured my age in raptures, I’d be pretty old.

Come to think of it I haven’t heard of any recent raptures lately. I was thinking of planning an after party for the next one for those of us left behind.

Obviously I don’t believe in a physical rapture of the church. Neither do most of the 42,000 denominations of Christianity. Think of it as more of a spiritual communion. Maybe go listen to “caught up in the rapture of love” by Sade.

What is it good for?


What is it good for?


But at least it all trickles down.



Although just because I may not be able to support the greedy motives behind the warmongering doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support the troops who risked their lives. Not really sure just who’s freedom they are actually fighting for sometimes.

With all these entertainers running for President, how about we elect Chuck Norris? He will take care of all wars by himself.

Follow Jesus on social media

Yes you can literally follow Jesus on social media. I don’t think it’s the original one though. Just like all of those pictures, yet I have never seen an original photo of the Jewish Messiah. Just a bunch of photos of a Pope’s son names Caesar Borgia.

Speaking of Jesus, I sure hope all those photos of people asking for healing get enough likes so the Lord can heal them.

Like it really depends on us.

You know they have a Jesus bot where you can talk to the Lord on social media. The wonders of AI. The miracles of modern technology.

Once again I don’t think it’s the original one. Maybe the antichrist is a Max Headroom figure. You 90’s kids will have to google that.

The Top 5 Doggie Soap Operas

Anybody remember those old soap operas that have been on TV ever since the 1950’s? And on radio prior to that? There are only a handful left on the tube (not quite a tube anymore). General Hospital is the most popular still and I’m not sure how much longer that will last.

Soap operas begin to disappear back in the 90’s, when major networks started airing more news and talk shows. These are just as dramatic as any serial TV show; and probably just as fictional if the truth be known.

My speculation is that soap operas are disappearing because they couldn’t keep up with the drama on social media.

Anyway, I had an idea. What if dogs had their own soap operas? I don’t know how these things come to me. I just roll with it. This post features the top 5 names for popular doggie soap operas for your canine’s pleasure.

5. As the doghouse turns

4. Days of our canines

3. One bark to live

2. General Kennel

  1. The Young & the neutered

I hope you enjoyed those. Again don’t ask or try to figure out how I came up with all of that. Just enjoy it. And feel free to leave a comment and/or check out other blog posts.

Maybe it is too late

They say it is never too late to start again, or over. As optimistic as we try to make that sound, maybe it is too late. It is not that it is impossible because nothing is really impossible. It is just that as you get older, your values change. Life humbles you deeply as you age. You begin to realize that life is more than just achievements and consuming stuff.

When it comes to starting a family, it is not impossible to start one late in life. For health reasons, it may not be very wise. It may be hard to find a partner who is able to reproduce, and that is if you even are.

There are other options so all is not lost. Once you realize what is truly important in life, then you can redirect all of your interests toward serving that purpose.

For example, it might be too late to build a career as the older you get the more likely you are to be aged out since employers go for young talent. You can still use pursue your interests as a hobby. Again it is not impossible that that hobby could still turn into a career late in life. It’s just not guaranteed.

Nothing is promised in life. All we have is the present. Having goals keeps us alive but practicing mindfulness keeps us focused on the here and now. Just enjoy the journey and see where life takes you. We might even discover that life makes us rich in other ways that aren’t monetary.